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Ultrasound Reporting
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Ultrasound Reporting

        Reporting is a delicate issue for patient nowadays as late reports cause dissatisfaction and affects the productivity of the enterprise also. For this sole purpose our faster reporting solution is deployed.

        Four types of reporting are available for the effective transition from their primitive workflow.

        Traditional word style reporting where the user has all the utilities similar to Microsoft’s word with template’s for various studies.

        Structured reporting for advanced users who prefer their unique style of reports which can be generated within seconds .Advantage of this type is acquiring values directly from the modality (SR support) and generation of various charts for obstetrics.

        Customer specific customization of study known as custom reporting is available. The user can design the reports using the inbuilt designer, thus reducing the customization cost.


Audio reporting is possible where the radiologists can record their investigation and the reporting staff can interpret it onto the reporting module.


Additional features for ultrasound are,

Masters for all Studies, Findings, Impressions and Indications.

Unlimited study types.

General templates and OB templates with measurements.

Custom templates - ability to create any kind of studies.

Report designer for user customization.

Input framework.

Embedded formulae.

Code based reporting.

Customizable header and footer.

Report exporting in various formats.

Report mailing option.

Image can be tagged along with Reports.

Quick printing option.

Option for marking mistakes in reports and highlighting it on pending reports.

Binary report storage.

Report watermarks.

Orphan study mapping.

Cine with compression.

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