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Enterprise PACS
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Enterprise Picture Archiving and Communication System

        PACS does not limit itself to radiology department in a hospital it also serves in patient records maintenance. Enterprise PACS acts as an interface between the front-end clinical application and the back-end infrastructure which works well with existing HMS. Hence increases the interdepartmental communications, accessibility towards faster diagnosis and patient care.


Some of the features of Enterprise PACS are


Multimodality PACS Server

Load balancing with Multiple Virtual Servers.

Auto Compression.

Auto Routing.

Auto Archiving.

Image Streaming.

File Server for Report Handling

Work list Server for reflecting patient list on modality.

Web based administration


        Apttsoft’s Enterprise PACS serves as the complete backbone for small, medium or large-scale imaging centers or hospitals. The suite consists of



Image Viewer

MWL Server

DICOM File Importer

DICOM Editor

Radiology Information System

Reporting Module

Doctor Module

Web Administration

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