Health Care


Health Care :

      Globally, health care industry is massive and encompasses people who work in almost every profession. Thanks to the robust advancement in the field of Information Technology, health care industry is now fast moving to the digital ease. Automated hospital information systems have far-reaching implications and capabilities to drastically improve quality of patient care. Hospitals and clinics are experiencing the benefits of such a practical medical record system which include computerized patient records, easy transfer of medical information and imaging for clinical decision support, data-driven guideline, and electronic interchange of patient information. This changing trend enables healthcare facilities to streamline processing and workflow, improve analysis, enhance communication among the care team, and increase efficiency even in the face of increasing pressures to improve patient care delivery and productivity.

      Technological advancements in the field of Radiology, in particular, have been comprehensive. With PACS DICOM, the increasing demand for better patient care is being met meticulously. From image acquisition, to interpretation, to archiving, technology helps in every step of the way to improve productivity and quality. Not only consistent superior image quality helps to reduce retakes, it also allows critical medical data to be processed and transferred quickly and securely over larger distances, thereby saving time of both the patients and physicians and also speedy delivery of treatment.

Enterprise Resource Planning :

      Apttsoft offers a suite of applications including financial, manufacturing, sales, human resources and other modules that together automate the back-office business administration functions of an enterprise.
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