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Radiology Information System
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Radiology Information System

        Radiology Information System or RIS is carefully designed and developed after understanding the existing problems of medical facilities. It uses a computerized database in Radiology department to store, manipulate and distribute patient radiological data and imagery.
        Our design has proven to increase clinics and hospitals overall productivity and efficiency thereby reducing costs and improving the quality of patient care. The system can be integrated with the existing medical billing or hospital management systems.


Some of the features of RIS are


Masters for Doctors, Patients and Modalities.

Modality wise scheduling.

Advanced visit scheduler.

Ability to link previous visits.

Monitoring Pending Scans.

Monitoring Overall Scan Status.

Doctors management

Referral management

Advanced billing

Accounts master

Various Report Generators(Accounts & Medical)

Modality list management

PNDT Reports Generation.

Advanced and universal Report Searching.

Study based Searching.

Follow up Searching, scheduling and reminders for Reference Doctor.


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