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How to reduce the licensing cost for your existing hospital PACS?


        Our Auto routing module is able to acquire DICOM images from various modalities and it pushes the images automatically to the existing PACS. Consider a license cost for a newly acquired CT machine X, if you plan to attach another machine the PACS company demands 2X for 2 license .For less than the value of X you can implement our Auto Routing module and save another X for new license.


Worried about lack of reporting staffs availability?


        Our distributed transcribing package provides opportunities for Reporting personnel other than our center staff to listen to the doctor�s diagnosis and can submit a soft copy onto the center of need. This will be useful for radiologists who are on the move and don�t have a dedicated reporting staff at the centre or for doctors who are part of a Large Tele-radiology panel.


Are you so busy that you can't even report the study via voice?


        The pre forms solution acts as a base structure for your reports where you only need to fill the voids with key inputs. Late Reports can cause both unsatisfied customer and reduction in volume of scans .In scenarios of a over flooded day you can rely on our pre forms solution to dispense reports quickly and accurately.


Do you have trouble managing the crowd at your work place?


        Our patient tracker system offers patient a scan request form through which the patient can know the status of the scanning process.


Is managing accounts for radiology department a headache for you?


        Our advanced billing solution offers a flexible but secure automation of the finance process where you can control edit and monitor the actions of the front office.




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