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Welcome to Apttsoft - a One-Stop IT Solutions and related services to your business.

Apttsoft is proud to be in the forefront in terms of providing advanced technological platforms for Healthcare Industry, Engineering & Automation Industry, Six Sigma, and Web Services. A radical mix of technology, novelty, and resourcefulness makes Apttsoft and its products the most brilliant and smart option for your business.

If you are on the look-out for a partner that is committed to quality and integrity, then Apttsoft is for YOU.

Our Solutions
» Healthcare
Technology has become an integral part of today’s healthcare industry. To address the real challenges that healthcare enterprises face today, Apttsoft offers a complete medical imaging suite to help physicians acquire, analyze, interpret, and share the imaging data among the care team in a simple and effective way. We also perform On-Site facility audits and provide cohesive solution through software implementation, support, and consulting expertise.
» Engineering & Automation
Apttsoft offers a suite of applications including financial, manufacturing, sales, human resources and other modules that together automate the back-office business administration functions of an enterprise. Our applications are designed to support business processes that encompass multiple departments to improve the existing process, and to allow organizations to do new things, as always, at a lower cost and a faster pace.
» Six Sigma
Have you ever looked at the way you do your business and wished you could change it for the better? If yes, then Six Sigma is for you! If no, don’t go away, Six Sigma is for you too!

If there is a proven process in place to eliminate idle time, increased expenditure, and waste of material from the business process, will it not be amazing? Six Sigma simply aims at it. The growth of any industry depends on its performance quality and Six Sigma techniques help to eliminate any obstacles in your business preventing you from attaining the perfection. At Apttsoft, we offer the crucial framework for you to implement Six Sigma in your organization. Here is an opportunity for you uncover your “Real Performance Potential” using Apttsoft’s Six Sigma suite.
» Web
Apttsoft’s specialization in the web content management systems and internet portal solutions gives you the cutting-edge in your e-business and helps you to build effective internet communication. Web presence is very vital to reach to a global audience and we take care of your presence on the internet right from creating a visually appealing content portal to maintaining accurate, timely, and current web content with consistent branding.

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